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My Approach...

...is holistic integrating multiple psychological modalities with Christian Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care. I incorporate and utilize cutting edge research in Interpersonal Neurobiology that provides insight into how our brains function and is impacted by trauma, emotional pain and relationships. The data of neuroscience allows for efficacious treatment interventions that impact a person holistically-MIND, BODY and SOUL.

The research is revealing that "Talk Therapy" is not enough to evoke change or bring about healing. Thus, I operate out of the theoretical  framework of Gestalt Therapy which offers an experiential process of therapy that addresses individuals as whole beings.

While Gestalt is my main theoretical approach, I blend multiple treatment modalities to address the specific needs of each person. I view each client as an individual uniquely created in the image of God with dignity and purpose.

Types of Therapy Offered:

  • Individual
  • Couples/Marital
  • Group Therapy
  • Intensive Therapy (See tab)
  • Assessments (See tab)

See the tabs for "Sexual Addiction" and "Sex Therapy" to learn more about the more specific conditions in which I address. In addition to working with the general population within these two categories of therapy, I specialize in working with pastors, missionaries and other church leaders.