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What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a systematic approach that addresses unsatisfactory sexual experiences with a safe and suitable place to talk about sexual challenges with a caring person who has specialized training. In addition, it is a place to be educated about sexual functioning and an opportunity to learn about the complex biological, emotional and psychological aspects of oneself and together as a couple. Through sex therapy the individuals, as well as, the couple will undergo a sexual retraining process that will provide the means to build effective relational skills and healthy experiential processes for the purpose of increasing intimacy and a vital sex life. The process may include exploring unresolved family or origin issues or unprocessed trauma that block unhealthy sexual relating. Sex Therapy can assist with a variety of challenges.

What Sex Therapy Can Address:

Premarital Preparation
Setting and building a healthy sexual template is crucial for a couple's life-long sexual relationship. Therefore, it is important to begin a marriage with healthy and accurate information about all aspects of sexuality including the biological, emotional, and spiritual. Sex Therapy can help engaged couples reduce or eliminate anxieties or fears regarding the wedding night and it can provide a safe environment for dialogue with one's fiance about sex and sexuality including his and her histories and expectations.

Marital Dissatisfaction
Sex Therapy can assist couples who want to enhance their sexual intimacy or for those who are experiencing relational difficulties or conflict. Unconsummated marriages is a growing phenomenon in our culture.

Problems of Sexual Desire

Sex Therapy is beneficial for couples where one or both spouses are experiencing low or no sexual desire or where there is a discrepancy between partners.

Problems of Sexual Arousal

Arousal is an important part of the sexual experience. Sex Therapy helps where one or both partners are having difficulty feeling aroused or achieving or maintaining arousal. This would include erectile dysfunction or lubrication difficulty.

Problems of Sexual Release

Not being able to achieve or having difficulty achieving an orgasm is incredibly frustrating and the impact can be adverse on a marriage. This area of therapy will address premature, no, or delayed ejaculation and anorgasmia.

Problems of Sexual Intercourse
or Pain
Sex was designed as a gift for pleasure. It is devastating to an individual and a couple when sex is associated with pain. This area of treatment will address issues of painful sex (physical or emotional).

Compulsive or Addictive Sexual Behavior

Research reveals the devastating impact of a sex saturated culture-millions of Americans struggle with sexual addiction. Treatment will address those who are addicted to cybersex, pornography, masturbation, fetishes, etc.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Sadly, sexual abuse and sexual trauma is commonplace in our culture and there are devastation effects that sexual abuse has on one's sexual functioning both physically and emotionally. Sexual abuse and trauma can have an impact on those sexual dysfunctions already mentioned above. However, one can successfully journey through a therapeutic process that will enable the individual to experience a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

Issues that bring couples in for sex therapy are viewed as a "couple" issue and not just her or his problem. Therefore, sessions will generally include both spouses as well as individuals. Sex Therapy can last from a few weeks to many months to a year or more depending upon the severity and complexity of the issue(s). It is crucial that couples understand that personal investment in the therapeutic process is essential for successful outcomes. This means that consistent attendance in therapy and completion of homework assignments are taken seriously.