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Raising Kids-up Sexually Healthy in a Sexualized Digital Culture

As parents, we want our kids to be safe. We go to great lengths to protect them at any cost. We intervene when we anticipate they will be in harm’s way. We teach them to protect themselves. We want them to be equipped to handle life. However, many of us are unaware of a critical area of development in which we haven’t adequately prepared our kids. Unprepared, our kids grow-up and experience life-long consequences, such as, heartache, trauma, mental illness, physical illness, emotional problems, identity issues and even death.  The area I am talking about-is sexuality! Our kids need us to help them navigate the highly sexualized culture in which we live. Illicit material is everywhere and is easily accessible through technology. Society is sexualizing our kids and impacting development in detrimental ways-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A one-time talk just before puberty is often too late. Sex education begins at birth and continues through adolescence to adulthood. Come, and be empowered to raise your kids sexually healthy. Learn a God-honoring way of equipping your kids to be sexually healthy by inviting David to speak at your church or even. You will learn God’s design and theology of sexuality and how cultural influences are shaping our kids away from Godly sexual development. You will understand how the brain of kids are being damaged and what to do to provide growth in a positive healthy direction. To set the foundation for a life-time, you will learn what ingredients are necessary at each developmental stage in your child’s development. Practical tips will be offered for parents to implement.

In this seminar, Dave Janvier will take us on a journey of exploring healthy sexual development within a God-honoring context. He will provide a framework to equip parents to instill and form a healthy sexual template in their children that addresses mind, body and soul. The presentation will begin by building a foundation based on a theology of sexuality. This cornerstone will explore God’s created design for sexuality and look at how The Fall has tainted this gift. In an ever-changing technologically advanced society; culture, media and technology have an impact on child-development and on sexuality.  Dave will provide guidance around the use of technology and media. In addition, the presentation with teach parents how to counter the unhealthy sexualized cultural messages that bombard our kids. Sexualization has an impact on brain development. Dave will help us understand the neuroscience behind this impact and how sexuality impacts the brain. Subsequently, the presentation will lead parents through each stage of child-development: birth through adolescences and provide necessary ingredients for building a healthy sexual template at each stage. This section will focus on practical “how to’s” and provide examples that parents can take away and use.